Modbus Gateway Solutions is a serial communication protocol which was firstly published by Medicon in1979 to use in PLCs (Programmable logic controller). It is a standard communication protocol which is easily available means of connecting industrial devices.

It is used in multiple master -slave applications to monitor & program devices & to communicate between intelligent devices & sensors & instruments to monitor field devices using PCs & HMs. There are two kinds of Modbus Protocols; Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP.

Modbus RTU

It is a Master – slave configuration where in only one Master device that communicates over a single loop with multiple slave devices. It uses the physical interfaces like RS 485 – RS 232.

Modbus TCP/IP

It is a Client – server configuration where in one or more than one Master device communicates with single devices. It runs on an Ethernet physical layer.

Advantages of Modbus Gateway Solutions

  • It builds an easy connection to Medicon of Honeywell systems.
  • It is very much suitable for small to medium volumes of data (<=255 bytes).
  • It enables acknowledged data transfer.


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