The market for smart homes and buildings is rapidly evolving, and technology is rapidly developing. The latest technologies, such as the internet of things, are, however, already included in our existing software. We don’t wait for new ideas to come to us; we generate them ourselves. KNX is a leading home and building automation system. Our technology will be at the heart of every automation solution you use today.

The KNX driver allows the Shubham to communicate with devices that use the KNX protocol. The Shubham comes with a Fieldbus connection built in.
The Shubham can take on the role of a Passive Client.
The KNX driver allows data from KNX networks to be accessed by other Shubham protocols. The majority of KNX data point types are supported, allowing communication with nearly every KNX device in the installation, including temperature sensors, shutters, light switches, actuators, alarms, and so on. This allows BMS systems to connect to a KNX network and read and write KNX defined groups directly. The Shubham KNX gateway does not need to be configured with ETS4 in this arrangement.

You may use KNX to automate and simplify your daily life by combining various smart home technologies. We’re your one-stop shop for a house that responds to your every move.

KNX diagram



With a single touch on your smartphone or tablet, you can open or close your shades or sun protection screens.

Dim your light from anywhere in the globe using your smartphone or tablet. When you enter a room, movement sensors will turn on the light. There is no longer any energy waste.

Control the temperature in your space based on the time of day or the room’s function.

To keep intruders out, create intelligent security alerts. Manage your alarm system from afar and build up a schedule to make it appear as though you are at home when you aren’t.

You can view guests at your door before opening it using a door entry system. Check your smartphone or tablet when you’re away from home.




It’s no longer a dream to set up your automation project with limitless flexibility and personalization. You can connect a wide range of devices, even those from different manufacturers, to interact with one another. KNX can work with other automation systems as well.

A secure and safe system

An integrated solution


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