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Media converter is the device to implement and optimize fiber links in all kinds of communication networks. The key advantage of these converters is, they are flexible and cost-effective devices. It enables you to connect with different types of media like twisted pair, RS485, RS232, LonWorks(FTT10), CAN and many more within a network. Our Converter supports ring redundancy in case or emergency. Converters are also capable for Single mode as well as multimode communication.


Application of Media Converter

Media converters are also capable to communicate with RS485 to RS232 over fiber cable. You can also use media converter as an repeater to increase communication distance. Our converters are plug and play so easy to install and check reliability with MicroScanner.

Our Solutions on Media Converter

RS 485 – Fiber Optic Converter

RS 232 – Fiber Optic Converter

LonWorks – Fiber Optic Converter

CAN bus – Fiber Optic Converter

Profibus DP – Fiber Optic Converter

Device net – Fiber Optic Converter


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