Agilent Gateway Solutions

Gateway solutions to acquire and store data from Agilent data acquisition devices like the 34970A.

  • Our gateways support various connection options: RS232 or Ethernet
  • SCPI commands to read channels are available
  • Desired channels can be set for scanning one at a time or all channels together periodically
  • Raw data obtained can be scaled/massaged before serving out on BACnet or Modbus
  • It is possible for us to add special features or more commands on special requests

Agilent Gateway Solutions

Working of Agilent Gateway Solutions:

  • The Agilent unit is identified using its resource locator
  • The gateway sends commands to either scan one channel at a time or sets multiple channels for monitoring based on the user settings
  • The channels are scanned at the intervals set by the user and data is stored in the internal cache
  • data can be manipulated so that it can be easily interpreted on the serving protocol (Modbus/BACnet/SNMP)
  • Configuration is done using the config.txt file that is loaded on the gateway unit and it can be edited using any text editor


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