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Audio Amplifier System Integration Overview :

In a Multiplex there were around 25 amplifiers connected to switch & needed to pursue information on BMS (Building Management System).


Customer Requirement :

Client needed to monitor & control the status (ON / OFF) of all the amplifier.


Initial Situation of Audio Amplifier System Integration:

Every amplifier had 7 channels & each was associated with a speaker.

Initially each amplifier was manually controlled by maintenance team.

Amplifier had an option to communicate on Telnet protocol.

Existing BMS understand SNMP protocol.

Audio Amplifier System Integration 1

Solution Provided :

Shubham recommended a converter which could convey among Telnet & SNMP (V2C).

Every one of the Amplifier, BMS & Shubham converter were commissioned in a single IT Network with various switches, HUBs and Routers.

Amplifier was arranged as Telnet server while BMS was designed as SNMP client.


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