VFD Integration Over MQTT

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Project Overview :

There were about 4 – 5 VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drive) in data center which were required to be observed & controlled using API which understands MQTT protocol.


Initial Situation:

VFDs which were looped on RS 485 port provided output on Modbus RTU (RS 485) protocol.

The control & Monitoring system which stored data on cloud supported MQTT protocol via Broker.

VFD Integration Over MQTT

Customer Requirement :

Client needed to screen & control VFDs information like voltage, current & frequency from the data stored in cloud.

A direct exchange of data between Modbus RTU & MQTT protocols is not possible since the VFDs understands Modbus RTU & cloud API understand MQTT.


Solution Provided :

Shubham Proposed a solution where gateway can get the information from all the VFDs on RTU and post it on MQTT broker.

Note: Customer had obtained MQTT Broker subscription.

Client’s monitoring framework bought in parameter labels on MQTT broker.

On using Shubham’s Gateway, client could screen & control data center’s VFD information by means of MQTT broker.

The client’s monitoring framework could send back directions to refresh the parameters on MQTT broker.

Shubham’s gateway had bought in to these parameters value & on change transferred the directions on Modbus RTU empowered VFDs.


Result :

As a result, by using Shubham’s Modbus RTU / MQTT gateway the integration of Modbus RTU based VFDs with a cloud-based checking framework which supported MQTT was accomplished.


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