The ASCII gateway solutions is a serial protocol. It is also a question and answer communication protocol where in a host PC uses ASCII characters to send commands to a device and there by receives replay back from that device. It sends and receives formatted strings of ASCII characters via RS-232/485 physical interface. The message strings contain the combination of the information like message header, unit id, address of a variable, variable data, length of the variable in bytes, length of the message in bytes, and a checksum.


Purpose of ASCII

The main purpose of ASCII is to make a standard for character-sets that are used in electronic equipment. These standards ensure that other devices can communicate to each other with the same character-code.



Usage of ASCII Gateway Solutions

ASCII code is used to represent 128 English characters as numbers, where in each letter is assigned a number from 0 to 127. Most of the computers use ASCII codes to represent text which transfers the data from one computer to the other computer.


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