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A gateway is a hardware device which acts as a gate between two networks and it protects the nodes within network and also a node itself. There can be a router, server, firewall or other devices that allows the traffic to flow in & out of the network.


Application Gateway Solution

Energy information Management

Water Management

Environmental Control: HVAC Monitoring

Security: Access control & video surveillance

Lighting systems

Safety: Fire / Smoke detection & Alarm.


Benefits of Gateway Solution

Comfort advantages

Financial advantages

Environmental advantages

Gateway Solutions

Comfort Advantages:

In terms of comfort advantages, the main benefit from building automation system is temperature regulation.

By automating HVAC systems, a BAS can power up temperature control systems before anyone arrives & then turns off after everyone leaves.

It also regulates the amount of fresh air, which is allowed into a building, there by gives you a comfort advantage.


Financial Advantages:

Building automation system helps in lowering the utility bills. BAS to adjust HVAC use results in savings up to 30%. It BAS helps to reduce peak load & other energy use results in decreasing utility cost.


Environmental Advantages:

Building using BAS generally have a smaller carbon footprint. The buildings which also includes data in validating its energy usage for regulatory agencies its energy usage for regulatory agencies & this opens the door to certification.


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