ProBoard is a Small-Medium Scale Enterprise Web-Scada.

Unique Features:

  • ProBoard helps you to visualize and control your assets.
  • Web Scada attractive dashboard supports Digital Gauges, Analog Gauges, Chart Widgets, Card Widgets, Control Widgets and many more.
  • The dashboard is user-friendly. You can easily add/edit the dashboard.
  • An exceptionally fine feature of ProBoard is that it enables to create multiple users with user-based locking or restricted access.
  • You can avail Flexible Point Count Licensing.

Supporting Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 onwards
  • Linux Ubuntu, Debian

A minimum RAM of 1GB is required and it occupies a storage space of 5 – 20 GB.

Flexible Deployment Options:

  • ProBoard is available on our embedded platforms – PG100 and PG350.
  • It can be hosted on a local window or linux server.
  • It can also be hosted on AWS cloud.


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