ProBoard is a Small-Medium Scale Enterprise Web-Scada.


Unique Features

ProBoard helps you to visualize and control your assets.

Web Scada attractive dashboard supports Digital Gauges, Analog Gauges, Chart Widgets, Card Widgets, Control Widgets and many more.

The dashboard is user-friendly. You can easily add/edit the dashboard.

An exceptionally fine feature of ProBoard is that it enables to create multiple users with user-based locking or restricted access.

You can avail Flexible Point Count Licensing.


Supporting Operating Systems

Windows 10 onwards

Linux Ubuntu, Debian

A minimum RAM of 1GB is required and it occupies a storage space of 5 – 20 GB.


Flexible Deployment Options

ProBoard is available on our embedded platforms – PG100 and PG350.

It can be hosted on a local window or linux server.

It can also be hosted on AWS cloud.



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