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We can offer software(and embedded hardware) based middle ware that can pull data from a data base like MySQl, MSSQL (or any other database that has some form of API for interconnection) and this data can then be published on a standard protocol like Modbus or BACnet.

Each database structure can vary from one project to another and hence our solutions offer a generic file to define table structures so that data can be periodically read from the database and published on a desired interface. It would also be possible to update the data to the database.

Generally, you can run our middleware on the same computer/server as the database for optimal speed and performance.

We can also offer an embedded hardware-based solution where the data base connectivity client software will reside on our embedded linux box. And hence in situations where you do not want to install software on the server or a computer is not available, this would be the alternate solution. Also, our hardware comes with RS485/RS232 and Ethernet ports. Thus, it is very easy to host server instances for RS485/RS232 and Ethernet based protocols like Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet MSTP, BACnet IP, and SNMP.

SQL Solutions

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