• It is a Monitoring & Controlling software for Field Devices such as VAV, AC, Chiller, VFD, VRV, Energy meter, Water meter, BTU meter, Fire Panel and many more.
  • It shows the data in tabular form of the field devices from the Gateway or the Controller.
  • ProtoSoft communicates on XML protocol. It supports another communication protocol driver such as BACnet IP and Modbus TCP/IP as well.
  • Field Devices post the data to the PC / BACnet IP / Modbus TCP/IP in XML format & it parses & shows the data in tabular format.
  • Since, ProtoSoft isn’t SSL/TLS certified, it is advised to use this software along with ProtoConvert web Scada which is SSL/TLS certified.
  • Additionally, this software allows you to add an image of the Device or Controller in the live value table page.
  • Using this Software, one can get an Alarm indication in the table where the live data is displayed using color indications & it has feature of sending an alarm notification via Email an addition.

For an Example:
If the set temperature is (22°C to 28°C) & if the temperature falls below 22°C, Low Alarm will be generated displaying a different colored tab in the live value table.

Protosoft With Data Logging

  • The same Software allows you to Log the Data acquired from the end devices.
  • Feature of Customized Log Time Interval is accessible. You can also download the Log report in .csv format.

Protosoft 1 min 1

Protosoft 2 1

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