It is a Monitoring & Controlling software for Field Devices such as VAV, AC, Chiller, VFD, VRV, Energy meter, Water meter, BTU meter, Fire Panel and many more.

It shows the data in tabular form of the field devices from the Gateway or the Controller.

ProtoSoft communicates on XML protocol. It supports another communication protocol driver such as BACnet IP and Modbus TCP/IP as well.

Field Devices post the data to the PC / BACnet IP / Modbus TCP/IP in XML format & it parses & shows the data in tabular format.

Since, ProtoSoft isn’t SSL/TLS certified, it is advised to use this software along with ProtoConvert web Scada which is SSL/TLS certified.

Additionally, this software allows you to add an image of the Device or Controller in the live value table page.

Using this Software, one can get an Alarm indication in the table where the live data is displayed using color indications & it has feature of sending an alarm notification via Email an addition.

For an Example:
If the set temperature is (22°C to 28°C) & if the temperature falls below 22°C, Low Alarm will be generated displaying a different colored tab in the live value table.


Protosoft With Data Logging

The same Software allows you to Log the Data acquired from the end devices.

Feature of Customized Log Time Interval is accessible. You can also download the Log report in .csv format.


Protosoft 1 min 1

Protosoft 2 1

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