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Fire Panel gateway solutions can well detect and warn people with the help of visual and audio appliances when any unusual activities like Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide or any other emergencies are present. These alarms automatically get activated from smoke detectors and heat detectors or can also be activated using manual fire alarm activation devices like manual call points or pull stations. A Fire Alarm Control Panel is the finest solution to control Fire and Smoke equipment using a single master control panel.

In the world of Automation, Fire Panel Automation plays a major role for Safety and Security. One of the well-known systems, Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) is used in the United States to evaluate the overall level of building’s fire safety. Additionally, Fire Sprinklers have an extensive impact on Fire Safety and hence it is allotted a high value in the FSES. It is very important but difficult at the same time to monitor and control fire panels in Multi-story building, Campus, Malls and Many other public places. With the help of BMS (Building Management System), it has become easier to Control and Monitor Fire Panels centrally.

Hochiki, Siemens, Bosch, Honeywell, VESDA are well known companies which are into Fire Safety Industries.

Fire Panel Solutions


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