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SNMP – Agilent Gateway Solutions (PG-104-142) has highly powerful and superior processor which is completely configurable and productive Building & Industrial Automation gateway for integrators to effortlessly interface devices to networks in commercial buildings and industrial plants.

PG-104-142 Gateway supports SNMP and Agilent protocols. It is a Bi-directional Converter that can be configured as a Client and/or a Server on either protocol interface.

When configured as an Agilent client, the Gateway can read data from your Agilent devices and serve the data on SNMP. Also, it can write commands sent from the SNMP side to the Agilent devices.

When configured as a SNMP client, the Gateway can read data from your SNMP devices and serve it as an Agilent data. Also, it can write commands sent from the Agilent side to the SNMP devices.

The Gateway can be configured to behave as a client on both Agilent and SNMP interfaces.

SNMP - Agilent Gateway Solutions

The Gateway has benefitted system integrators worldwide with its powerful line of functions. Additionally, the gateway runs the same protocol conversion software on a productive and cost-efficient platform backed by the experience, engineering expertise and technically proven support that integrators have come to expect from this Gateway.

Features of SNMP – Agilent Gateway Solutions

Ability to interface up to 1000 points

DIN rail mount

In-built one wire Serial Port



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