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The SNMP to CAN Gateway (PG-104-194) Solution has a powerful and outstanding processor that is completely flexible and productive as a Building & Industrial Automation gateway, allowing integrators to easily connect devices to networks in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

PG-104-194 SNMP and CAN are supported by the gateway. The CAN protocol interface may be configured to function as a passive client, which means it will monitor incoming CAN messages. The gateway reads the data from the CAN channel and converts it to SNMP format.

The messages can be filtered by their CAN message IDs, and the incoming bytes of data can be received and shown as is.

The SNMP can be set up as a client, and data from the CAN interface can be written to the SNMP server.

SNMP client devices can read data from our gateway if it’s configured as a SNMP server (which we got from the CAN end).

The Gateway has benefited system integrators all around the world with its extensive collection of capabilities. The gateway also runs the same protocol conversion software on a cost-effective and productive platform, supported by the expertise, engineering abilities, and technically proven support that integrators have come to expect from this Gateway.




Up to 1000 points can be interconnected.

Mounting on DIN rail

Integrated Serial Port (one wire)


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