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Our BACnet – MQTT gateway solutions (PG-102-103-121) enables remote monitoring and control of BACnet devices using IoT technologies and the MQTT protocol. We support both BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP protocols.

Our MQTT driver supports TLS v1.2 hence it is possible to have a secure/encrypted MQTT communication.


The BACnet – MQTT Gateway Solutions can be configured in the following combinations:


MQTT Client and a BACnet Client/master: This is the most typical application where the gateway being the client/master on the BACnet protocol gathers data from the field devices and then publishes this information over MQTT. Also, it can subscribe to MQTT topics so that remote MQTT clients can send back commands via the subscriptions to enable any control action on the end devices.

MQTT Client and BACnet Server: This is a less common, but our gateway can be configured to be a BACnet Server to simply pass data received over MQTT over to a BACnet client/master. Also, any data written by the master can be published on MQTT.

BACnet - MQTT Gateway Solutions


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